Do you ever lay in bed just listening to music and thinking, then you suddenly get a huge storm of mixed emotions and you feel like crying?

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Just because someone flirts with you, doesn’t mean they like you.
Just because
someone likes you, doesn’t mean they want to date you.
Just because
someone dates you, doesn’t mean they love you.
Just because
someone loves you, doesn’t mean they won’t hurt you.

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It’s just one of those bitter endings. Far from the fairytale endings in story books. When our two worlds collided, we made a solar system of our own. Well i guess everything eventually succumbs to change. It’s just a matter of building a bridge and looking past those changes. It tears me apart to watch her drift away into the arms of someone else while managing a smile with it. A little part of me literally died on the inside. Being optimistic seems to be futile. Was everything fake, nothing but a mere blanket of lies? If i could open up to you, i could probably clear the air. However, looking behind your flaws is too much to take in. So it’s to time just to just FUCK IT.